Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Modern Art

Morgan was feeling better today, so we headed down to the Children's Museum for the morning. She made this fine creation in the art room. From the left, and going clock wise, we have a fake flower (for Mom); some sunglasses for the summer; a pink curler because pink is her favorite color; an Altoids box because she loves candy; and a volleyball because she like to play ball with her brother. This was all carefully glued to the "old fashioned" computer paper--I know you remember it, the kind that has the holes along the sides to run through those ancient printers! I suppose we'll have to hang this one on the bulletin board in her room before it mysteriously disappears. Good thing we got a picture of it.

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Apopkan said...

Hey, let Morgan know that she has a cousin who is a very successful modern artist.

His name is Tristano di Robilant.

You can check out his website at:

His mother, Betty Stokes, was from Lynchburg, Virginia, but married an Italian Count. She is a granddaughter of Agnes Morgan Stokes, younger sister of William S. Morgan I.

Pretty cool, huh?