Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well, if bad things truly do happen in threes, our family should be safe for awhile. This weekend we replaced a water pipe that had a hole in it; paid an exhorbitant amount to have a creepy repairman come out and clean some lint out of our dryer vent on the side of the house; and then had to pay for additional "spyware" to remove a virus off our computer. So if you're wondering what the comment is on the day of the Oyster Roast post on here, DON'T look at it--you'll probably get the virus, too (unless of course you've already had your 3 bad occurences and you're willing to risk it!)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Wedding of Q and U

Charley and I were invited to Morgan's Valentine Party at school on Friday. They had a wedding ceremony for the letters Q and U, because everytime you see the letter Q it's followed by U.

All the girls had veils (tissue paper) with the letter Q, and the boys wore top hats and bow ties with the letter U. They exchanged a candy ring, and then were invited to give a hug to their friends and family.

I would have taken pictures at the actual ceremony, but Charley thought that would be a great time to grab mom's camera and take some pictures of himself. I figured it was easier for him to keep the silly camera rather than try to take it back and cause a scene...I'm just thankful I was able to get the shots I got!!

Boone Hall Annual Oyster Roast

Here are some pictures from the Annual Boone Hall Oyster Roast they hold here in Mount Pleasant. Unfortunately, I was stuck at home with a stomach bug, and Keith had to take the kids...or maybe not so unfortunate, since I don't eat oysters, and I'm not one for crowds.

Keith ended up having to take the next day off from work to help me with the kids because I was so sick--that's the first time he's ever done that!! I think he actually enjoyed the pre-school carpool and spending time with the kids, though.

Charley's Official Birthday Pictures--TOUCHDOWN!