Monday, June 4, 2007

Keith Loses...but Tigers Win

Well, tropical storm Barry didn't manage to slow us down too much this weekend. We got out on Saturday to run a few errands and take the kids out for pizza. Guisseppi's Pizza, which first opened just outside Disney's hotel on Hilton Head Island, recently opened a second restaurant here in Mt. Pleasant, and we couldn't resist giving them a try. It turned out to be a great choice. The food was awesome, and it was a very loud (i.e. kid friendly) place. Afterwards, we hit their game room for some entertainment where I proved that "I still got game"--I beat Keith at the basketball "Hoops" game 31-25!! Regrettably, I have no pictures of the event.

Keith and Morgan traveled to Myrtle Beach after church on Sunday to watch the Tigers play in a regional playoff baseball game. They had a great time watching the game and enjoying the great American baseball fare--hot dogs, popcorn, AND ice cream. Keith did manage to get some pictures of Morgan at the game. For some reason, Morgan was the only one in the entire crowd to remember to bring her baby dolls to the event. Go Tigers!

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