Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"No, Mom, you don't get it"

Well, little Ms. Independent strikes again.

Ever since Morgan was 3 years old, and I found out I could meet her in the school cafeteria for lunch at her elementary school, I've been planning to meet her there. I mean, what mom doesn't want to figure out what kind of kids her child is hanging out with...and that can't start too early, right?

So I told Morgan my plan, and asked if she wanted to sit with me at the designated "Visitors Table" where you can eat with your mom and one other friend, or if she just wanted to invite her cool mom to sit right at the table with all her friends. To that she replied, "No mom, you don't get it. I want you to sit at the visitor's table, and I'll stay at the table with all my friends".

If this is 5, I'm not going to be able to handle 15!

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