Friday, July 27, 2007

Morgan's First Trip to the Doc in the Box

It has been such a rough week!
Morgan started to make up her art camp (that she was supposed to be taking last week, but couldn't due to a staph infection) on Wednesday. At about 11:45, the teacher called to tell me Morgan had slammed her pinky finger in a door, and I should come pick her up. After taking one look at it, I called her doctor, who of course, was out of the office. I ran her up to the closest clinic I could find, and they got us right in--maybe because Morgan was screaming her head off, and scaring a few of the other kids in the waiting room! After a few minutes, the doctor told us that he basically needed to re-insert the nail back into her finger. I'll leave out the details, but suffice it to say it was NOT a pretty process! She was a very brave little girl, and we decided a shake from Sonic was in order for the trip home. Other than having a band-aid on her finger for the next ten days, and the fact that her fingernail will fall off in 3-4 weeks, it'll eventually grow back, and all will be well. Whew!
This may be the last art camp we ever sign up for!

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